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Introducing the whimsical world of miniature beach gnomes, a delightful addition to any seaside-themed decor or garden oasis.

These pint-sized, intricately crafted figures bring a touch of coastal charm and playful fantasy to your surroundings. Each gnome, adorned in vibrant beach attire and equipped with tiny accessories such as surfboards, sandcastles, a coconut drink, and a fishing rod captures the carefree spirit of a day by the ocean.


Whether nestled among your indoor plants or displayed on a sunny windowsill, these gnomes evoke a sense of joy and relaxation, making them a perfect gift for beach enthusiasts and gnome collectors alike.

Infuse your space with the lighthearted essence of the coast and let these charming miniature beach gnomes transform your environment into a whimsical beachfront retreat.


Beach Gnomes


All my pieces are handmade from artist grade polymer clay. Each piece has been fully cured and a layer of glaze has been added for extra gloss. 

Even though polymer clay becomes hard as rock when cured, it is still considered fragile and should be handled with care to avoid breakage. 

Wipe gently with a damp cloth. 

Item is not a toy and not meant for children's use and can become a choking hazzard. Please keep away from children. 

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