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Celebrate the spirit of Canada with our charming set of four miniature clay Canada gnomes! Each gnome is a delightful tribute to iconic Canadian symbols, hand-crafted with love and bursting with patriotic pride.


First up, meet our Hockey Gnome, decked out in red and clutching a miniature hockey stick, ready to hit the ice and score the winning goal. Next, there's Beaver Gnome, embodying the heartwarming wilderness charm of the Great White North.


Our Mountie Gnome stands proud in a red uniform and wide-brimmed hat, a tiny salute to Canada’s iconic Royal Mounted Police, always ready to keep your garden safe.

Finally, the Canada Day girl Gnome proudly celebrates the nation's beauty and unity.


These gnomes are meticulously crafted from high-quality clay and hand-painted with vibrant details, ensuring each is a unique art piece.

Perfect for decorating your home, indoor plants, or as a thoughtful gift for Canadian friends and family, this set brings a touch of whimsy and national pride to any space.


Let these four miniature clay Canada gnomes add a playful and patriotic touch to your decor, celebrating the best of Canada with a smile!

Canada Set


All my pieces are handmade from artist grade polymer clay. Each piece has been fully cured and a layer of glaze has been added for extra gloss. 

Even though polymer clay becomes hard as rock when cured, it is still considered fragile and should be handled with care to avoid breakage. 

Wipe gently with a damp cloth. 

Item is not a toy and not meant for children's use and can become a choking hazzard. Please keep away from children. 

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