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I am Marifini. 

I am originally from the tiniest country in Central America, El Salvador, and I currently live in Ontario, Canada with my two rambunctious daughters.

All miniature gnomes you find in my shop were created by yours truly with her own two hands...usually after having heaps of coffee and making morning mad dashes to catch my girls' school buses.

My clay journey started as a hobby.
I had some free time on my hands when I became pregnant with my older daughter, and the laws of the universe set me on a claying journey. 
I was initially terrible at it, but it was a lot of fun! 

So... I kept practicing and changing techniques a million and one times until I found a style for my pieces I am happy with. 

The miniature gnomes have received so much love, I have now launched a collection of personalized items featuring adorable gnome designs! 

Don't leave the shop without first stopping by to check them all out! 

I find myself creating and designing all the time. I dedicate a lot of time to handcrafting the miniature details just right as those make the biggest impact on my tiny gnomes .


My workspace is an organized mess which keeps exploding with new creations constantly. 

Subscribe or stop by often to keep updated on new creations, and sales! 

Marini Martinez
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